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Important notes about live streaming sessions:

  • All livestream sessions are approved by both NCCAOM and the California Acupuncture Board.
  • Pre- and post- conference workshops are sold separately.
  • All other sessions are also sold à la carte.
  • Morning session live stream passes include all three morning presentations.
  • Afternoon session live stream passes include access to both of the concurrent live streaming sessions on that afternoon.
  • You can choose which of the two afternoon live streaming sessions to attend right up to show time. Both links will be available from the Dashboard section of your My Account page.
  • You can only get credit for one afternoon session each day.

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[ticket-box title=”Main Conference” price=”510″ product_id=”7016″ featured=”yes”]24 CEUs,Thursday-Sunday,Pre & Post Conference Not Included[/ticket-box]

[ticket-box title=”Thursday Morning General Sessions” price=”75″ product_id=”6828″]3 CEUs,Jeremy Pulsifer,Avi Amir & David Bomzon,Sharon Weizenbaum[/ticket-box][ticket-box title=”Friday Morning General Sessions” price=”75″ product_id=”6835″]3 CEUs,Drew Pierson,Claudia Citkovitz,Lan Kao[/ticket-box][ticket-box title=”Saturday Morning General Sessions” price=”75″ product_id=”6837″]3 CEUs,Lorraine Wilcox,John Chen,Janet Zand[/ticket-box][ticket-box title=”Sunday Morning General Sessions” price=”75″ product_id=”6839″]3 CEUs,Mazin Al-Khafaji,David Allen,Alaine Duncan[/ticket-box]

[ticket-box title=”Thursday Afternoon Workshop” price=”75″ product_id=”6841″]3 CEUs,Shellie Goldstein,OR,Sharon Weizenbaum[/ticket-box]
[ticket-box title=”Friday Afternoon Workshop” price=”75″ product_id=”6847″]3 CEUs,Claudia Citkovitz,OR,Lan Kao[/ticket-box]
[ticket-box title=”Saturday Afternoon Workshop” price=”75″ product_id=”6849″]3 CEUs,East Phillips,OR,Janet Zand[/ticket-box]
[ticket-box title=”Sunday Afternoon Workshop” price=”75″ product_id=”6851″]3 CEUs,Mazin Al-Khafaji,OR,Alaine Duncan[/ticket-box]

[ticket-box title=”Pre-Conference (Sharon Weizenbaum)” price=”175″ product_id=”6953″]7 CEUs,Key Classical Dynamics of Fertility and Early Pregnancy[/ticket-box]
[ticket-box title=”Pre-Conference (Avi Amir, David Bomzon)” price=”275″ product_id=”6947″]11 CEUs,Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture for Treating Neurological and Pain Disorders (2-day workshop)[/ticket-box]
[ticket-box title=”Post-Conference (Mazin Al-Khafaji)” price=”175″ product_id=”6955″]7 CEUs,The Four Pivotal Patterns in Dermatological Disease[/ticket-box]
[ticket-box title=”Post-Conference (Alaine Duncan)” price=”350″ product_id=”6957″]14 CEUs,Transforming Trauma: Cultivating Capacity in the Kidney/Heart Axis (2-day workshop)[/ticket-box]

Refund Policy for Attendees
Pacific Symposium hopes everyone who registers for the conference will be able to attend; however, PS knows extenuating circumstances do occur. Recognizing the possible continuation of disruption by COVID, Pacific Symposium offers the following cancellation options:

  1. Full refund minus a 3% credit card processing fee up until 4 weeks prior to the event.
    50% refund up until the last business day of the week prior to the event (Friday before)
  2. Request should be made by placing a support request. The support form is located at the bottom of the FAQ page.
  3. Every attempt will be made to provide refunds within two weeks of the request. Refunds will be credited back to the credit or debit card used to make original purchase.
  4. No refunds will be issued for no-shows or late arrival.
  5. 100% of registration fees will be credited or refunded if event is canceled by organizer.
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